Making the world sweeter one cookie at a time!

All 1/2lb+ stuffed desserts are made with nothing but quality ingredients, because you deserve nothing but the best!

Find out why we take great pride in all of our unique flavors and various menu themes that are developed right in house! *Authenticity at its finest*

Side Notes:

Cookies are 100% homemade.

I make big, fat, stuffed cookies! These babies are at least 1/2lb each! If you’ve dreamt it.. chances are we have shared those dreams, and one of my many cookie concoctions is sure to meet your desires! One cookie is not just one cookie, they are certainly large enough to share...if you're willing! 

For  that warm, out of the oven feeling... pop them in the microwave for 15-30 seconds... try not to over heat them, chances are they will warm up more than you think.

Orders should be placed roughly 2-3 weeks in advance from desired date of arrival.  

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